Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hatfield-McCoy coming to a Trade Show near you!

By Big Jim Charles

Yeah, Big Jim knows what you are thinking....
It's the dead of winter. You miss the trails but you are not ready to
go on vacation again for a visit. Well relax, because if you are close
to any number of outdoors and motor recreation trade shows, well,
Hatfield-McCoy may be coming to you!
I spoke with Mike Pinkerton and Lelia Hicks recently about their busy
schedule of trade shows where the Hatfield-McCoy Staff gets out of the office,
presses the flesh, meets with the public, finds out what all the
newest and coolest gear and trends are gonna be and makes information
available about the World's Finest Outdoor Motorized Recreation
"This week our team is going to be in New York attending the IMS
Motorcycle Show," Lelia Hicks told me this morning. We will have
Marketing Director Mike Pinkerton there and our Executive Director
Jeff Lusk along with Jeff and Tina Trent. This is really a major show,
and runs from Jan. 21-23. The New York IMS show will be at the Jacob
K. Javits Convention Center."
Lelia said there will be IMS shows around the country this year and
Hatfield-McCoy will be at several of them.
The next show will be in Cleveland, Ohio, and is an IMS show as
well. It will be from Jan. 28-30 and among those attending the show at
the IX Center One in Cleveland are Mike Pinkerton, Lelia Hicks, John
Twardy and Jeff Trent.
The next show will be Harrisburg, Pennsylvania at the Eastern
Outdoors Show from Feb. 4-13. at the Farmshow Complex.
"Its' a very big show," Lelia Hicks said. She, Mike Pinkerton, Lelia
Hicks, John Twardy, Ranger Jeremy Collins and Jeff and Tina Trent will
be there.
That will be followed by another IMS show in South Carolina from Feb.
25, through 27, at the Carolina First Center. Lelia Hicks, C hief
Ranger John Hall Jr. , John Twardy, Jeff Trent, Bill Sutterland and
Theresa May will attend.
The last show will be another IMS Motorcycle Trade Show in Daytona,
Florida at the Ocean Center at Daytona Beach. Mike Pinkerton, Lelia
Hicks, John Twardy, and Jeff and Tina Trent will attend March 9-12.
These trade shows have been an important part of what Hatfield-McCoy
does for many years as they give the Hatfield-McCoy Staff an "outside
the box" view of the state of the industry. Staffers have been
attending them for about nine of the trails ten years of existence,
Lelia said.
I know many of the folks who will be attending these shows like Jeff Lusk, Mike Pinkerton, Lelia, John Twardy, John Hall and Jeremy Collins. Mike is as good hearted as a man can be. Jeff is one of the brightest people you will ever met. Lelia never had a bad hair day in all the years I have known her. John Hall can find ways to get things done that would stymie MacGyver and Jeremy constantly bewilders me with his vast array of usefull repair skills!
These people are good friends and I guarantee you that you will enjoy meeting them first hand too.
So if you can make it to one of the shows come on out and say hello!

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atvA said...

Hey H&M- I hope to see you guys in Indy!